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Cookery course


Cookery course (additional payment, minimum 5 people)

To really get to know a place one needs to appreciate its culinary history, and the whys and wherefores of the tastes and aromas that have graced the tables of its inhabitants since time immemorial.
The course aims to acquaint its participants with the typical dishes of Liguria and the Mediterranean: vegetable-filled ravioli, trenette (a type of flat spaghetti) with pesto, rabbit with olives, torta verde (a green vegetable pie), pizza all’andrea, wild boar polenta, stuffed vegetables, fish fritters, typical “crustuli” (a honeyed cake dessert), and the village speciality “stroscia”, a cake based on extra-virgin olive oil, flour and sugar.

Italian language course


Italian language course (additional payment, minimum 5 people)

Case Vacanze Gaudio offers its guests a great opportunity to expand their language skills and thereby interact with the local people: an intensive Italian language course run by a qualified teacher so your curiosity will be stimulated and you can have fun learning!
Even a little time dedicated to learning how to converse in Italian pays great dividends in terms of enjoyment of your holiday.

“Taggiasco” extravirgin olive oil


Discovering our products
Pietrabruna is the village of flowers and olive groves. At harvest time it is possible to take part in the harvesting and cultivation of olives and flowers (anemones, buttercups, ornamental greenery etc.), and the harvesting of lavender and its distillation. You can also visit the stills and olive presses still in use to this day.
Purchase of local products: extravirgin olive oil, wine, limoncello, jam and marmelade.




Pietrabruna is a perfect point of departure for those wishing to discover the roads and pathways around the sea, where the salty sea breeze, rich with the aroma of broom, hovers over the olive groves and vineyards to blend with the fragrance of lavender and of the pines that herald the foot of the alps.
Ancient stone-built villages, representing history, legend and folklore, form unbroken bands along the hillsides from which the very stones themselves seem to blossom like mountain-flowers. This is a place to be lived, where the warmth of its people is to be felt, where its precious jewels represented by the local handicrafts, traditions and the nature itself enchant.
For lovers of art and architecture, trekking and nature excursions are conducted by skilled guides who will unveil the secrets harboured in the uniqueness that is Liguria: chamois and marmots look out over the sea from the 2000 metre altitude of the Saccarello mountains , orchids and very rare flowers border the paths, caves bear silent witness to ancient human habitation, the lands of witches and dragons, ancient Roman parish churches with sumptuous Baroque altars are just a stone’s throw away from the sea, for all to enjoy.




For sports lovers we suggest some outstanding facilities which are but a short distance from Pietrabruna: the golf links of Sanremo and Garlenda,the tennis courts of Imperia, Arma di Taggia and Sanremo, and the numerous riding schools such as” Mulino Martino” in Dolcedo and Sanremo.
For those keen on sailing and swimming the “Circolo velico”(“Sailing club”) and the swimming pool in Imperia, for people fond of diving the sea beds off Ventimiglia are highly recommended for their exciting and rich tapestry of deep sea marine life.
For mountain bike enthusiasts we suggest the wonderful routes in the Argentina Valley run by “Argentina Bike”. In the Arroscia Valley the fearless and the audacious can practise paragliding in the vicinity of Colle San Bernardo di Mendatica, or practise kayaking in the waters of the Arroscia stream, in the series of gorges situated between Montegrosso Pian di Latte and Ponti di Pornassio, above all in the stretch between Ponti di Pornassio and Pieve di Teco, or practise free climbing in Loreto, in the Argentina Valley or canyoning.in the Argentina River gorges.
Last but not least are our ski lovers: at about two hours’ distance from Pietrabruna you will find the ski slopes of Monesi, Limone Piemonte, Prato Nevoso and Frabosa.

We have mountain bikes for adults and children and a hand-cart for carrying luggage.For toddlers we have highchairs, a play-pen and a small rucksack for walking.