A typical village of inland Liguria, it is situated 350m above sea level, 10kn from San Lorenzo al Mare, 16km from Imperia and 22km from Sanremo.

Its narrow “carrugi” (typical Ligurian medieval alleys) climb uninterruptedly until they open out into charming little squares . There are many slate gateways, some of which are topped with bas-reliefs and inscriptions.

The small 12th century church of San Gregorio is one of the oldest monuments in the entire region, and represents ancient Roman style in all its glory.

The parish church, dedicated to San Matteo (Saint Matthew), was rebuilt in 1844 and is the only example of neoclassic building to be found in the valley. The two columns and the architrave belong to the original church and have been placed on its right hand side.

The Oratory of the Confraternity is a reconstruction dating to at least the seventeenth century, on the site of an earlier original building. Of particular interest inside is a sixteenth-century painting by Agostino Casanova portraying the Annunciation.

The two hamlets of Boscomare and Torre Paponi also have two beautiful churches. The church in Torre Paponi is Baroque in style; the parish church of San Bernardo of Boscomare has a beautiful frescoed ceiling. In addition, its wooden furnishings have been preserved and represent a remarkable heritage.

The economy of Pietrabruna is based on the cultivation of flowers (anemones and buttercups in particular) and ornamental greenery which is sold commercially in the nearby flower market of Sanremo and are, for the most part, destined for export.

Olive growing also plays and important role, whereas lavender growing, while still continuing in smallholdings, is gradually being supplanted by floriculture.




This is a village festival with stalls selling local produce, music and an open-air restaurant, taking place at the end of July/beginning of August. In summer, musical performances, cabaret shows, theatrical performances and village fêtes take place all over the province of Imperia.



Monday-Saturday open 8am-12:30pm and 3:30pm to 7pm.

Closed Sundays and Wednesnday afternoon

BAR-RISTORO-PIZZERIA “LA COLOMBIERA”. Piazza Giovanni XXIII Typical Ligurian cuisine – please book in advance